• Plain Chipboard is a non-bending board low cost recycled product. The thickness is measured in points. One point is equal to .001 inch. We stock 28, 30, & 45 point. Other thickness can be ordered. It is not suitable for high quality printing.
  • White Vat is plain chipboard made with a layer of white paper on one side. This is used when a white interior is desired. Generally not suitable for high quality printing.
  • Paper is used to cover the chipboard and white vat. This comes in hundreds of colors and textures. We can print the box wrap with special graphics that the customer requires.
  • SBS or C1S (Solid Bleached sulfate, Coated One Side) is a solid white board made from virgin pulp. It has a superior printing surface that is coated to prevent ink absorption.
  • Vinyl lids are produced so that the contents of the box can be seen.


A. Awards
B. Books
C. Candy
D. Crystal
E. Games
F. Greeting card
G. Health & Beauty
H. Jewelry
I. Leather
J. Photographic
K. Precision Instruments
L. Religious (Crucifixes, Rosaries, etc.)
M. Wedding
N. Music
O. Cosmetics
P. Wine
Q. Gift Products
R. Fine Stationary
S. Fine Liquors
T. Knives
U. Silver Sets
V. Gift Foods