Piqua Paper Box Company offers complete boxmaking capabilities ranging from 30+1/8 x 22+1/2 x 3+3/8 to 2 x 1 x1/4

COMPLETE BOX is a box usually of two pieces a top or lid and a bottom or base.

  • Set-up box is a box does not fold flat. It is made from non-bending chipboard.
  • Slide box is a base with a glued sleeve that the base slides into.
  • Hinged box is a base and lid that are hinged.
  • Neck or Shoulder Box is a box that the lid and base are the same size, but the base has an extension inserted in it onto which the lid will rest.
  • Telescoping Box
    • Full telescoping lid completely covers the base.
    • b. Partial telescoping IE: 1” telescope (lid covers only 1”of base).
  • OTHER BOXES have many different features.
    • Beers Tray are
    • Box in a Box is just that a smaller box inside a larger one.
    • Three Piece Box has a slotted partition or interior platform to hold the contents in place.
    • Three Sided or other shaped boxes also add eye-catching appeal to you product.